We make durable products that protect the earth so that they return to it and give birth to new life. The materials are biodegradable and don’t go through a chemical process. Our leitmotif is “sustainability and fair trade”, create jobs, and stimulate the economy.

This arose through the tireless search of designer Greta Gurfein, who after finished studying Fashion Design at The University of Buenos Aires, in an existential crisis, where the frivolity and the systems of production have people working in poor working conditions and for low pay, discouraged her to enter the market. Through extensively analyzing this situation, that she wasthinking about it since she was little, she realized that the way to change the system was to do it from within, from her own place. 

She felt it was her legacy, as her grandfather was a textile engineer who founded a handbags and luggage factory, which her father continued. It’s undeniable where to put her focus and to continue with a future that is already marked by a story.


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